ReConnect China Podcast: ‘Reframing the EU’s Global Gateway from geopolitics to a positive agenda’ 20 May 2024 - Connectivity initiatives have become a major instrument in the competition among major powers. What are the implications of an exclusively geopolitical reading of connectivity? How should the EU position itself in this context? In this fourth episode of the ReConnect… Read more
Second edition of the Europe-China Table organized on ‘European export controls and de-risking from China: the Dutch experience with semiconductors’ 29 April 2024 - Clingendael Institute hosted the second Europe-China Table in the ReConnect China project on 24 April 2024 The Clingendael Institute hosted an invitation-only, online Europe-China Table on 24 April 2024 to discuss European export controls and de-risking from China, specifically in… Read more
Presentation for the CHERN working group on high-technology and innovation 25 April 2024 - On April 24, ReConnect China researcher Philipp Brugner (ZSI) took part in the CHERN (COST action: China in Europe Research Network) webinar on "EU-China cooperation in science, technology and innovation". Philipp presented the ReConnect China report on research and innovation… Read more
ReConnect China Policy Brief 10: Rethinking China’s COVID-19 Aid Diplomacy in Europe 19 March 2024 - This policy brief re-examines China's COVID-19 aid diplomacy in Europe during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, focusing on the scope of donation and associated disinformation. China’s aid diplomacy in Europe was widely seen as an attempt… Read more
The ReConnect China Youtube account is live with first MOOC videos 23 February 2024 - You can find the ReConnect China project now also on Youtube! On our Youtube channel we are publishing all single lectures from the project's Massive Open Online Courses on China. The first MOOCs went online in January and February… Read more
ReConnect China Policy Brief 9: Geopolitical Narratives Are Counterproductive 19 February 2024 - This policy brief maps the origins, shortcomings, and potential implications of a geopolitical reading of the Global Gateway vis-à-vis the Belt and Road Initiative. Despite the obvious geopolitical implications of such initiatives, it is argued that framing Global Gateway in… Read more
Prof. Christian Göbel from ReConnect China delivers workshop on digital methods in Asian Studies 13 February 2024 - Prof. Christian Göbel (University of Vienna) who leads the ReConnect China work on China's domestic governance (WP3) will take part in a workshop on digital methods in Asian Studies in March. The workshop is organised by the Graduate School in… Read more
ReConnect China Policy Brief 8 China in the Middle East: Consequences for Europe 20 January 2024 - This policy brief attempts to describe and assess China’s penetration of the Middle East, as it strives to deliver on its security requirements along its maritime routes, as well as to develop export markets and economic partnerships with the region.… Read more
Reconnect Policy Brief 7 Xi-curity: How economic security ideas shape China’s economic strategies 12 January 2024 - In the run-up to the December EU-China summit in Beijing, tension loomed over issues like the EU's anti-subsidy investigation in China's electric vehicle sector, the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), and Dutch restrictions on silicon chip technology exports. Chinese authorities… Read more
The first ReConnect China online courses (MOOCs) start in January and February 2024! 11 December 2023 - We are happy to announce the first dates for the ReConnect China online courses One of the project's main objectives is to broadly inform society, and in particular persons in education (pupils and students), about China. In this vein, the… Read more