ReConnect China Podcast: ‘Europe in the face of China’s growing narrative power’ 13 November 2023 - In the second episode of the ReConnect podcast, University of Tartü researcher Elo Süld interviews Ties Dams. Ties Dams is a political theorist, writer and Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, working on a book-project about Europe and the geopolitics… Read more
ReConnect China Policy Brief 5 on Navigating EU-China Investment Dynamics: Safeguarding Technological Know-How while fostering Cooperation 13 November 2023 - China’s investment and acquisitions in the European Union have increased significantly in recent years, raising concerns about their impact on European economies and security. The dynamics of the EU-China relationship have evolved significantly over time, with the past year marked… Read more
ReConnect China Policy Brief 4 assesses China’s Lunar exploration program in competition with the United States 13 November 2023 - A new Cold War-style race to the moon seems to be in the making. The People's Republic of China and the United States are both investing in moon exploration with manned lunar scientific stations as the ultimate goal. The comparison… Read more
ReConnect China Policy Briefs no.2 and 3 draw policy recommendations on EU-China STI cooperation in the big data-related scientific fields 13 October 2023 - Based on the comprehensive report on EU-China STI cooperation in the big data-related scientific fields (artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning), two more policy briefs were published by the project. We used the report's key results and aimed at… Read more
Report on EU-China cooperation in science, technology and innovation published 19 September 2023 - At the beginning of September, ZSI finished its work on the report on EU-China cooperation in STI. The report is part of ReConnect China's WP1 on science and technology and features a co-publication and co-patent analysis aimed at assessing the… Read more
ReConnect China on CHERN conference in Amsterdam 15 September 2023 - At the CHERN conference 'China-Europe: Reconnecting in an Era of Competition and Rivalry?', held at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 7 and 8 September 2023, the ReConnect China consortium participated in the roundtable 'Horizon Europe Consortia knowledge networks on China'.… Read more
First ReConnect China podcast deals with the “Art of Forging Relations” between Europe and China 16 August 2023 - Our first podcast deals with "Remonstrating", or the Art of Forging Relations between the Europe and China. Based on our policy brief on the same topic published in May, its authors Bart Dessein and Jasper Roctus from Ghent University are… Read more
Science Diplomacy Collaboration with China – ReConnectChina represented at COST Workshop 10 July 2023 - In the framework of a science diplomacy workshop organised by the COST Association for new COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Actions on 28 June 2023, ZSI researcher Gábor Szüdi had the chance to present the co-operation risks and potentials… Read more
Research from ReConnect China at the EU-SPRI 2023 conference 26 June 2023 - The annual EU-SPRI conference is the leading European event on science, technology and innovation (STI) policy. This year's conference on the theme "Research with impact" took place from June 14 - 16 at the University of Sussex Business School in… Read more
ReConnect China Policy Brief 1: ‘Remonstrating,’ or the Art of Forging Relations (Bart Dessein & Jasper Roctus) 29 May 2023 - Reconnect China Policy Brief 1 'Remonstrating,' or the Art of Forging Relations (Bart Dessein & Jasper Roctus) Read more