Europe-China Knowledge Forum

The Europe-China Knowledge Forum consists of a knowledge hub and two specific event formats coordinated by Clingendael Institute and the University of Tartu.

Knowledge hub: overview of experts and professionals

The knowledge hub aims to pool and network expertise on China and to facilitate the ‘translation’ of scientific analysis into strategic knowledge and policy impact. The hub will be developed around an overview (database) and network of relevant China experts, policy makers, business leaders, and societal actors. This network will facilitate: (1) tapping into exisiting knowledge to conduct and enhance research and policy on China in Europe, (2) establishing connections and the sharing of information between people working on China in specific fields; and (3) strengthening the policy impact of scientific China research on a European level.

The database is subject to a Data Management Plan.

Policy roundtables

Yearly Europe-China Tables define and discuss the implications of strategic questions that require Europe-wide research efforts. The Tables, organized within Work Package 5, bring together key experts and leading representatives in the fields of Foreign Affairs and Security, Industry, and Society. Europe-China Tables are invitation-only events, and are organized by the Clingendael Institute, the University of Tartu, and Istituto Affari Internazionali.

The first roundtable took place on 18 April 2023 and covered China’s narrative challenge to Europe [announcement of the roundtable on ReConnect China website].

The second roundtable took place on 24 April 2024 and focused on ‘European export controls and de-risking from China: the Dutch experience with semiconductors’ [announcement of the roundtable on ReConnect China website].

ECKF conferences

‘Europe-China Knowledge Forum Conferences’ are designed to fill the gap in the European China-research-sphere. The Conferences, organized within Work Package 5, are yearly large-scale meetings of leading academics and think tank researchers on the most important strategic issues concerning Sino-European relations. They work towards a cross-European understanding of the strategic challenges raised by China’s rise. They will also be the platform for ReConnect authors of policy briefs to present their policy recommendations to the project’s network of stakeholders.

The first ECKF conference, scheduled for 2024 with the theme ‘ReConnect China Dialog: Bridging Gaps, Charting Futures with Europe,’ assembles a multidimensional perspective on the dynamic relationship between Europe and China. It will cover four themes: science and technology, trade and economy, China’s domestic governance, and China’s foreign policy.  In the realm of science and technology, we will explore the interplay of EU research collaborations, dive into the vibrant start-up ecosystems that foster tech entrepreneurship, and spotlight the bridges being built in S&T cooperation. The economic spectrum will cover sustainable trade practices, technological innovation, and the challenges of bilateral economic ties. Delving into China’s domestic policy, discussions will elucidate the EU-China relationship’s challenges, economic performance legitimization, and the intricacies of media and information. On the global front, the conference will dissect China’s climate change stance, power dynamics in international relations, and its evolving narrative in global aid.

Please find the detailed program here: ReConnect China ECKF 1.