Presentation for the CHERN working group on high-technology and innovation

On April 24, ReConnect China researcher Philipp Brugner (ZSI) took part in the CHERN (COST action: China in Europe Research Network) webinar on “EU-China cooperation in science, technology and innovation”.

Philipp presented the ReConnect China report on research and innovation cooperation in digital technologies between EU and China (main authors: Gábor Szüdi and Philipp Brugner, both ZSI) and its related policy recommendations, which were published in two separate policy briefs afterwards.

Since the publication of the report in September 2023 further empirical data was collected aimed at embedding the recommendations drawn in the real-life context of actors involved in R&I cooperation with China. For this reason, some interviews were carried out, complemented by desk research and personal interactions on the question of how to conduct trusted research cooperation with China while adhering to the research security standards and principles.

The CHERN webinar gave space to discuss the status quo of ReConnect China research done on scientific cooperation with China from a European point of view and opened it for critical reflection by working group members.