ReConnect Policy Brief 6 Policy Orientations on EU-China Relations in Semiconductors: An outlook on bilateral and multilateral agendas

The international agenda on semiconductors is not only a matter of U.S.-China rivalry. Also, the EU plays a major role, in terms of economy, industrial policy and security. Moreover, jointly with EU institutions, each Member State needs to decide which approach to semiconductors, to China and to global technology governance it aims to undertake. Semiconductors have been embedded through an economic security outlook. However, this area cannot be only addressed on a bilateral basis. The understanding of how the EU’s own technology partnerships with third countries are framed will provide policy guidance on how the Union may approach China, in their own mutual relationship and in how both sides reflect their own agendas within international fora and multilateral dialogues where semiconductors play an increasingly strategic role. ReConnectChina_Policy Brief 6_Semiconductors