First ReConnect China podcast deals with the “Art of Forging Relations” between Europe and China

Our first podcast deals with “Remonstrating”, or the Art of Forging Relations between the Europe and China. Based on our policy brief on the same topic published in May, its authors Bart Dessein and Jasper Roctus from Ghent University are guests in this first edition of the ReConnect China podcast.

During the conversation with Huanyu Zhao, Bart Dessein and Jasper Roctus shed more light on the origin of the term “Remonstrating” and plausibly demonstrate its practicability to interpret the challenging environment of current EU-China relations.

Sit back, relax, listen, and join us as we delve into this fascinating topic.

More information on the podcast on Soundcloud. The transcripts for the podcast can be found here.

Soon, the ReConnect China podcast series will be available on Spotify too.