ReConnect China Podcast: ‘EU-China STI cooperation in digital technologies’

Both the EU and China are ramping up efforts to become global leaders in digital technologies by channeling public funding into research on and development of innovative tools and applications. Even if strategic national (or European) interests may be behind, researchers and private companies from both sides do not refrain from seeking collaborations with each other. Who is behind the most active cooperation networks between the EU and China in digital technologies? How can European actors within these networks be best advised on potential risks related to research security when it comes to cooperation with China? And what are China’s other research priorities at the moment, to which European partners should look at?

In the third episode of the ReConnect podcast University of Turku researcher Outi Luova interviews Gábor Szüdi and Philipp Brugner from the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna. Both have several years of experience in working in EU-funded international research projects with a particular focus on the topics of science diplomacy with non-like-minded states, research integrity and trust in science. In ReConnect China, they recently finished a report and two related policy briefs on the EU’s science, technology and innovation cooperation with China in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning.

The podcast is to be accessed on Soundcloud and Spotify